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The Stanmore Bay School Board of Trustees Election 2019

Election Notice
At the close of nominations our school received more nominations than vacancies required. Therefore all parent/caregivers will be receiving a sealed envelope with one voting paper, listing the names of those candidates nominated, a candidate's statement,  if this is not in your envelope you can view all candidates statements on our school website and a copy will be held at the school office.  You will also receive a cover letter explaining how to vote and and a return envelope for you to place your voting paper in. Please return your vote in one of the following ways.

It is important that votes are valid.
This means;
1. Votes have 2 ways to be returned.
    a.    Returned in the official envelope provided via NZ Post, please ensure you provide a postage stamp on the envelope.
    b.    Returned in the official envelope and placed in the ballot box provided at the school office.
2. There must be only 1 voting paper per envelope. Families who have more than one parent/caregiver wishing to vote, will have received their own voting paper and return envelope. Please keep your return envelope safe, if you return your voting paper in any other envelope your vote will be counted as invalid.
3. All votes must be received by noon 7th June 2019.
4. Any voting papers that are incorrectly filled out or have been tampered with will be counted as invalid.

We look forward to the forming of a new board of trustees for 2019 - 2022.  Results will published on 13th June via School-Links and Dojo and in our next available school newsletter.
The new board of trustees will take office on 14th June.

Michelle Mowat
Returning Officer

Candidate Statements

Dr Michael Anderson
I have a special interest in the ongoing success of Stanmore Bay School (SBS) and would be enthusiastic in making a contribution to the school’s future. I attended SBS as a student and have had an ongoing association, with my wife now working at the school and my daughter attending as a student. After leaving SBS, I studied at Orewa College, then Auckland University and Massey University. After working at Western University in Canada, I returned to work at Massey University in Albany, where I currently still work. I have developed a career in science, specialising in the field of ecology. During my career, my research on wildlife has allowed me to have some unique experiences, working with endangered species and in remote locations. Most importantly, my education and career in science has taught me scientific rigour, which requires the ability to scrutinise problems in detail and search for the most logical and reasonable explanation. I will bring these skills and experiences with me to become a valuable member of the board of trustees. I currently teach science at a tertiary level, teaching at both an undergraduate and graduate level. As such, I’m familiar with the skills that students need at a tertiary level to succeed and I would like to see SBS students given every opportunity to advance on their educational journey with the necessary prerequisites for future success.

Claire Ellison
I would like to put my name forward to be a returning Trustee Board Member for Stanmore Bay Primary School.  I have really valued supporting the school over the course of the last few years on the board as the roll has grown, zoning changes were implemented, appointment of a new Principal and of course development of the school property and more.

During my time on the board I have attended the extra training days and evenings offered to extend my personal knowledge of the requirements of this role across financial, strategic, staffing and learning environments.  I would love to put this knowledge into another term of supporting our Principal and his staff. 

My energy and commitment to this role is around a passion for children and their learning in NZ to be the best it can be.   I have 2 sons at the school, and I love the growing connectedness of our school community and whanau and would love to continue gaining a deeper understanding of the education processes and environment to support our School into the future. 

Should I be re-elected I will continue to learn about what is required to fulfil this role and its obligations and I believe I have the breadth of skills required to help the school.  My passion for the education sector and supporting the school to offer the best possible teaching environment that we can is still key.  I believe every child in NZ needs the best chance at the best education they can receive and that we all have a shared role in helping make that happen.

Sam Ereckson
I have served on the board the last 5 years with the last 2.5 as the Chair. I have successfully worked with the entire team to bring Matt Sides into our school to lead us to a new progressive future. I enjoy working with the management team and challenging the direction. I feel that being a member of the Stanmore Bay School Board is one way I can contribute to help guide yours and my children’s education and I look forward to serving another term for you. We have worked as a team to tighten the governance, policies and processes to make sure the school is running as best as possible.

I grew up on the Coast from age 12 and have watched the huge changes over the decades from wide open spaces to new subdivisions but with a true expansion into a more family orientated community. After travelling and living away for many years I chose to return here as a place for my family to grow up and gain their education. The environment, schooling and general avoidance of the rat race are some of the key things that we love about the community. We have two daughters at the school, Lily, in Year 5 and our youngest, Isabel, is in Year 3.

I work as a GM in IT running a large part of our business and people. I have performed various management roles over the last 15 years including Technical, Project Management and Sales functions. I bring an analytical mind, a business focus, commercial awareness, I am detailed focused to make sure we are doing the right things and I have a drive to bring success to our school.

I am committed to the long term and look forward to spending many years of involvement with Stanmore Bay Primary School, both supporting and also challenging the governance and decisions so we can deliver an educational environment where our children succeed in learning and becoming young informed citizens.

Justin Maclaren

My name is Justin Maclaren and I am standing for the Board of Trustees for Stanmore Bay School. I am married to Pearl, and our son D’Angelo is in Year 5 at SBS. I have a background in the entertainment industry and have a particular interest in advocacy for the Arts. I have previous board experience as a member of a performing arts trust in South Auckland.

In applying to become a Board of Trustees member, I will be continuing a journey of endeavouring to make a difference in the lives of young people, which started for me in Otara in 2003. During the nine years I lived there, I worked with many inspirational community leaders including Sully Paea, to whom I was second in charge, representing him on the Otara Network Action Committee in his absence. As project manager for Sully’s not-for-profit organisation for five years, I developed and oversaw community initiatives that provided alternative education experiences and job training opportunities for young Māori and Pasifika students who found themselves outside of mainstream education. This was a government funded community enterprise, which required me to be accountable to a division of the former Labour Department, through quarterly progress reports towards success indicators.

In mid 2014 I took up the position of music specialist at Stanmore Bay School and had three successful and fun years teaching music and participating as much as possible in all areas of school life. This resulted in the building of positive and lasting relationships with students, whānau, staff and management during my time there. In 2017 I won a scholarship to study for a Bachelor of Education at Auckland University of Technology, which will be completed mid 2020. I believe through being exposed to innovative future-focused educational concepts gives me valuable insight that would be useful in helping a board to support the Principal, senior management, teachers, support staff and students. I am extremely passionate about education and believe in an holistic, reciprocal and equitable approach to teaching and learning, as a means of successfully preparing our young people for respectful and productive citizenship.

It would be my pleasure and privilege to serve on the Board of Stanmore Bay School.

Angeline Selman
I have a year 5 boy, a year 2 boy and a pre-schooler - so have a long-standing interest in Stanmore Bay School. My background is in Healthcare - I was a nurse before becoming a midwife. I have a strong interest in health, safety and wellbeing. I want to ensure that Stanmore Bay School is a safe,  happy and beneficial environment to work and grow in. My job has given me many skills - including organisational excellence and inclusivity. I believe I will be a good advocate for families within the school environment and am excited about optimising the future of Stanmore Bay School. I have been regularly attending meetings for the past 18 months and have developed a strong interest in helping to run the school.

Dan Walker - Ngāti Ruanui
I am a proud husband to Michelle Walker and dad to Josh (8) and Tyler (6) who are both students of Stanmore Bay Primary School. We also have a daughter Maia (2) who goes to Manly ABC and Silverdale Playcentre. I was born in Christchurch and we moved up to Auckland 12 years ago - living on the coast for 8 years. My ancestral ties are to Scotland and Ireland through my dad and to Ngati Ruanui, Nga Ruahinerangi, Ngati Kahungunu ki Wairoa, Maniapoto, Tuhourangi through my mum.

My day job is at Microsoft where I look after Cloud Solutions and Applications. I love helping our kiwi organisations on their digital transformation journey. I have also helped create a coding and software initiative via my tribe for our children back in Hawera - called 2NuiCode. This is where our children get exposed to the new technologies and learn about how they can integrate them into their lives - culminating with them visiting Silicon Valley and meeting the tech companies. This has been going for four years now and I'm very proud of it. I believe all of our children in Stanmore Bay should be exposed to these technologies to help set them up for their future. I would like to help and support our teachers to do this.

I am fluent in te reo Maori and help run the powhiri up here on the coast for our local marae as well as many of our schools. I am very passionate about seeing our te reo and all three of our national languages taught and used more in the classroom and the community. I would like to see this resourced better to help our teachers to do this.

I have many board roles and they are largely based around the community roles I serve: Trustee of Ohangai marae, Deputy Chair of NZ Maori Tourism, Deputy Chair of Te Rūnanga o Ngāti Ruanui iwi, Director of the Centre for Social Impact, Chair of Indigenous Growth Limited and Chair of Whānau Mārama Parenting.

I am a lifelong learner - from an academic perspective I have a Masters in Advanced Leadership Practice from Massey University, an MBA from the University of Auckland, a Diploma in Management and a Diploma in Te Reo Māori. I am a Leadership NZ alumni (2011) and a qualified executive and organisational coach.