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Associate Principal for Tui Whānau Year 0 to 2
Krista Brackebush


Our Staff 2018

Stanmore Bay School has a highly-dedicated team that work hard to ensure Stanmore Bay School is a happy, caring and safe learning community for our students.

Leadership Team
Matt Sides

Deputy Principal
Pearl Runga

Senior Teacher Year 2
Louise McLeod

Acting Associate Principal for Korimako Whānau Year 3 and 4
Cathy Mai

Acting Senior Senior Teacher Year 4
Kelly Jeromson

Associate Principal for Kāhu Whānau Year 5 and 6
Leigh Faulkner

Senior Senior Teacher Year 5
Linda O'Brien


Tui Whānau
Year 1

Year 2
Megan Jack
Suzanne Francis
JoAnne Stewart
Erin Surtees
Sarah Jee
Krista Brackebush (Associate Principal)
Jennifer Court
Kath Leighton

Louise McLeod
Fran McFall

Debbie Winks
Ashleigh Radford
Room 1
Room 2
Room 3
Room 4
Room 7 Year 1 ILE
Room 8 Year 1 ILE
Room 9 Year 1 ILE
Room 10

Room 26
Room 27
Room 28
Room 29
Korimako Whānau
Year 3 Cathy Mai
Carol Glaze
Corinne Blake
Clare Fielding
Sharon Grace
Room 5
Room 6
Room 17
Room 18
Room 19

Year 4 Jess Mankin
Kelly Jeromson

Jessica Spasic
Julia Anderson
Room 11
Room 12
Room 20
Room 21
Kāhu Whānau
Year 5 Linda O'Brien
Greg White
Xavietta de Lautour
Denise Ball

Room 15 Year 5 ILE
Room 16 Year 5 ILE
Room 23
Room 25
Year 6
Robyn Bennett
Jay Witty
Jon Bettin
Room 13
Room 14
Room 22

Support Staff
Office Staff
Donna Joyce
Michelle Mowat
Stacey Langdon

Property Manager

Gordon Ogilivie

School Librarian
Tracey Welsh
Literacy Support Teacher
Elaine Harvey

Music Specialists
Aaron Peri

ICT Technician
Mark Hunton

Teaching Support Staff
Krista Cowan
Leanne Day
Katrina Durand
Sophia Manga
Sarah McKenzie
Nicky Morrow
Tracey Welsh
Jodie Widdison
Monique Usher