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We are a PB4L School

Stanmore Bay School is a PB4L School (Positive Behaviour for Learning). Our Statement:
“At Stanmore Bay we aim to create a caring environment, developing respectful relationships with our school wide community (parents, staff and students), to improve social, cultural and academic outcomes.  To do this we will consistently model, teach, acknowledge and praise positive behaviours.”

Stanmore Bay School’s aim is to provide our students with a safe and caring environment, where all students can explore, learn from and about the world we live in.  Where our teachers can teach the skills and values needed to help students make positive and informed decisions that will help them grow into good and caring citizens within our future society.
Developing the skills required to help students understand ‘learning is for life’ and through their years at SBS students will learn to be ‘respectful of themselves, others and the environment.’

·       We expect staff, teachers, parents and whanau to model positive behaviours for these expectations to be successful.

·       It is an expectation that students at Stanmore Bay School will demonstrate positive behaviours and encourage others to do the same.

·       Teachers will also acknowledge students who are demonstrating positive behaviours by recording the positive behaviour on the ‘data collection form’ (in the comment box at the bottom). Teachers are asked to acknowledge these students as part of their Hero communications. These will then be entered onto Hero as a positive behaviour. Names will be drawn from each whanau group and acknowledged in whole school assemblies with a certificate.

What is School Wide PB4L?
PB4L ‘Positive behaviour for learning’
PB4L School-wide is about teaching behaviour, just as we teach other subjects.
“ If a student does not know how to read, we teach
  If a student does not know how to swim, we teach
  If a student does not know how to multiply, we teach
  If a student does not know how to behave, we ......”

Preventing and correcting misbehaviour focuses on how to help children learn to behave through teaching rather than through punishment.
John Herner, National Association of State Directors of Special Education President 1998-1999

Positive Behaviours can be taught.

School Wide PB4L is a combination of effective practices, interventions, and strategies that have:
A long history of support and development
Been demonstrated to be effective and efficient
High levels of research validation
For more information visit the Ministry of Education's PB4L web page -

Benefits of School Wide PB4L include...
Improvements in academic engagement and attainment
Improvements in behaviour
Improved school and teacher capability
Improved teacher confidence and satisfaction
Better relationships between staff, students and whanau/community
More effective targeting of students for specialist service referral