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The Arts

Dance is covered as part of our Music programme during Term 3 each year, where the students learn contemporary dance styles with our music tutor and other guest tutors.  Our student enjoy taking part in our school dance festivals, learning a range of many different styles of dance, from traditional waltze to hip hop and street dance.

As well as drama lessons through the regular classroom programme, classes have the opportunity to take part in weekly lessons over a 10 week period through the drama company The Performance Net. The Performance Net also run after school lessons on Tuesdays 3 pm to 4 pm. These popular lessons "...are fun and challenging. This is where you learn to be confident, to trust your instinct as an actor and where you learn to change your voice and physicality to build different characters as is fit in theatre classes. You will play loads of improvisation and drama games which will teach you to think on your feet and to accept offers."

Music Tuition
As part of our Arts Programme at Stanmore Bay School, every class has the opportunity to take part in a half hour lesson with our music specialist each week. Our music programme allows the students to explore the sound arts and develop musical literacies through focussed listening, making and sharing music. They sing, play a wide range of instruments, learn to read musical notation and have the opportunity to perform in a variety of settings. Every class is taught ukulele and African drums, and play simple chords on keyboards, piano, marimba, xylophones and glockenspiels. Those children wishing to take their learning further can take part in lunchtime music activities such as rock band, choir and more advanced ukulele lessons. Our school choir is a regular participant in the Kids for Kids Concert.